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15 March 2007



Yikes. I didn't know this.
I live near that corner. Its going to look just awful.

I wonder how many units that new building will be.

Also, across the street on 110, I think there is a housing project, next to the con Ed building.

Sure would suck to buy a brand new condo, across the street from public housing.

and on the corner of 109 & Columbus, thats one of the biggest drug corners in the whole city. Cops really need to clean that up.



They are rentals, not condos for sale. Still, lots of people buy places close to Public Housing in NY. It's everywhere and most of it is fine. I just hope they make the building architecturally interesting. It would be a shame to put a boring building with that amazing cathedral right behind it.


I got mugged a couple of years ago right there behind the church on Morningside Drive. I hope this gives that area some life.


I just noticed the construction and flipped out-- I'd love to see some design plans if anyone happens across an image. I hope it's an interesting building. It's in a "divine" location. grrr.

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