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05 March 2007



plus the envelopes are larger too. i suspect they got some sort of deal on larger size paper and envelopes.

the postcard announcing the new size bill was pretty ridiculous too. based on your #'s, if they sent out the announcement postcard to 3.4 million customers and it cost maybe 10 cents each including postage, it ran them $340,000.


Don't worry, eventually the customer will pay, through the nose preferably, and mrBush will work out a way how to make ethanol from those blank spaces and we will all be happy again.


i'm guessing the paper is cheaper and everything is standardized to that size paper.

you know, you can just get a bill online and then they don't send you any paper at all. that's what i have. they even send you an email reminder that your bill is ready.


Incredible, so hilarious and sad at the same time. I hope the soon run out of the large paper size.
Trying to stay optimistic here,

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