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12 March 2007



I was there to hear Arthur Miller talk about the subject of politics and acting, when he held the Jefferson Lecture at the Kennedy Center in 2001. The lecture titled "The Politics and the Art of Acting" has been published in book form, you may read it also on the web:
(I guess this is the lecture in its entirety, a still very vigerous forceful Miller spoke for more than an hour then.)


what is that a picture of?


Merisi, thanks, I'll have to read that.

Tien, you'll have to guess where.




Very interesting photo.

We used to watch that FBI show every week. I had to read that doctrine of civil disobedience thing several times. I guess Efram went to the J. Edgar Hoover School of Acting.

Aside. My brother, who's in latent finger prints, once gave a talk to a class of forensic somethings at Quantico. The speaker after him was Patricia Cornwell.

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