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05 May 2007



Gone. An entire town. We Kansans are used to small towns fading away - but slowly. We Kansans are used to tornadoes - but not tornadoes that obliterate an entire town.

Thanks for sharing the photos, Joe. Not much traffic in town, huh?


There wasn't much worry about being run over when I was out there. I only wish I had more photos to share.


Does anyone know if Liggett's artworks were also demolished?


Good question. I'll try to find out and let you know.

Ace's driver

I was in Greensburg earlier this week. The damage does not extend nearly to Mullinville, and I am told Liggett's work is intact. Kudos to your neat website, by the way. After wandering in the rubble for two days, looking at your photos of the intact buildings reminds of of seeing archeologists' reconstructions of ruins.


Thanks, Ace's driver.

I loved reading about Ace's travels!

Ron Shank

Did you take a photo of the Chevrolet dealership. I am the dealer and don't have any pictures left. Thank you for reminding me of what Greensburg wasw like BEFORE the tornado.

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