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15 June 2007



I just ran across this website browsing the internet... I am a student at BGSU, and actually currently LIVE in the Windmill. I have done quite a deal of research about my house, and just thought I would let you know that some of your facts about the house are incorrect. The arms have actually moved. The are still capable of moving, but are tied down by wires--to nearby trees, and there is a "break", so-to-speak, in the attic that keeps the arms from moving also. The purpose of the windmill "arms" was to power a fountain in the pond behind the house--but the winds in BG were much too powerful, and the structure could not support the power produced by the windmill arms.
Just some random info..BUT--I have TONS more!


Hi Rachel! So glad you wrote. Thanks for the corrections. I never knew about the fountain.

How do you like living in the windmill house?


I LOVE it!! It, in a sense, is the most interest structure I have ever lived in--to say the least. It has three full floors, as well as a full attic (making a total of four floors)...and, there is a small small apartment underneath the ground--but is currently not lived in. It was rather difficult getting some of my furniture in (my full-bed did not want to fit on the third floor), but other than that--it's just right for me. Not many knew about the fountain, I'm sure. I found it in an old BG News article from the 30's or 40's. After talking with the apartment manager yesterday--I learned the basic reason for "shutting down" the arms was the noise it made within the windmill--and a few structural damages it causes when the wind got too strong.
*Just a few stories I like to share about this place include: the most amount of people living in here at once was 8 (and i find it small for just myself sometimes), women were not allowed to live in it until the late 50's., the house was indeed a house much longer than what the May article in the BG news indicated, a group of frat brothers in the 50's also thought a neat hazing opportunity would be to tie a pledge to an arm, release the break--and watch him spin...until the arm broke (unable to support his weight) and launched him into the pond. Most stories I found in old articles from the school paper had something to do with mishaps surrounds the arms--I myself want to release the break!!

Thanks for listening to me ramble--I'm quite the dork when it comes to this place!!

Alisa Pavlik

I was wondering how long your lease was because I was interested in living there?


Hi, I came across this looking for a picture of the windmill house to show someone. I lived in BG as a child, from about 1951 until 1956. It was a wonderful childhood! My father was an ROTC teacher, armaments I believe, at the university and I was left at the windmill house a few times to be babysat by one or several of the girls living there. As well, someone would come to my house a few times to babysit me. We lived right across the street in one of those stone quad houses. I went to grade school at a school right on the campus, and we were often taken out of class to be used as "lab rats" in various college classes. I have a distinct memory of being up in front of a classroom and being asked to spell the word "orange" -- must have been something to do with phonetics, as it was way over our little first grade heads. When I went back to BG years later, I found my house and the windmill house, but never found the school building--I imagine it was there, but so much of what had been green, wide open boulevards was gone, filled up with new buildings I suppose.


How could someone live in this house???


My dad lived in that windmill as a young man, during the early nineteen fifties!


I had a deposit on a unit inside that windmill and had to move abruptly. It was such a neat place - so mysterious! Inside, I remember there were weird little doors and lots of wood. And the light that came in was pretty. I wish I had had the chance to spend more time in there. Hm. Now I have a lifelong dream to own a windmill.


Does anyone have any interior photos? I am so fascinated by this house!! Thanks!

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