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14 August 2007


Defend Youngstown

What? Are you talking about this past Sunday? There were over 7,000 people in downtown for VexFest. There's something going on in the downtown almost every night. Did you copy and paste this post from something you wrote 10yrs ago?


I visited there a few weeks ago.

James Yarger

Thanks for posting pictures of Youngstown. I haven't seen the downtown since I was a kid. I hope that green industry will save Youngstown and restore it's glorious Industrial past.
With green and sustainable Jobs to repopulate the city. I'm not surprised that you missed Hubbard. I was born in Youngstown, lived in Hubbard as a kid, till Black Monday. Hubbard has or had two things going for it. A fireworks outlet and "Truck World" a truck stop.
Thanks again.

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