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22 October 2007



the grapes look GOOD!

We usually have an apple guy who does a bang-up business at the market, but April's killing frost put him (and most area apple-growers) out of business for the year. :-(


Actually, I guess it wasn't merely an April FROST, it was a late Kansas SNOWSTORM that stole this fall's apples.


wait - when is that pumpkin launch thing that you always go to!


Tien: The Punkin' Chunkin' is Nov 2-4 in Delaware! I'm headed in the opposite direction this year. Are you thinking of going?

Cheryl: That's too bad about the apple grower. That was an unusually big storm, wasn't it?


We could stage our own pumkin' chunkin' in Boston if you'd like. I'm sure your neices would think that is great. btw- Emma says she loves you and that Uncle Joey is funny.


My nieces might like a pumpkin toss but would the neighbors?


no going for me. heading upstate for the weekend.

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