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08 November 2007



all I can say is: ouch!


Ouch to the dental procedures or my overly long story?


dental procedures--you should report that dentist to the proper authorities!



What apost! It was really mind blowing!

Elizabeth Cull

Admit it or not, but there are times that we get so afraid of going to the dentist because of their procedures. And there are some whom we are doubtful if they are dentist or not because of the way they have treated us. In my case, great thing that I have a true and great dentist (Highland Park-based). My dentist (Libertyville IL) will always make me feel alright although the procedures were kinda traumatic. I think dentists should be like that, for us not to get scared anymore.

Timothy McLaney

That's a lot of work on your mouth. Sometimes we encounter such siituations. They call it the Murphy's Law or, sometimes, luck is simply not on our side. The bottomline, however, is great that you didn't lose faith in dentists. In the end, it's great that you found a capable one.

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