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10 January 2008



It is a wonderful poststructuralist nonscalar rendering--the dinosaurs representing the oil companies and the threatened penguins serving as a warning to the blissfully ignorant human in a white tuxedo. The scalar contrast between the humans and penguins signifies the vastly superior brain power of the penguin.

The taffy clearly refers to the sticky situation of immigrants who struggle to make ends meet. The chocolate also adds a touch of global signification as the commodity chain from cocoa beans to See's candy is embodied in the object we call "chocolate".


I *did* miss the holiday display. More so the diplay than the free candy, I think. My office decorated with just a strand of lights, and 12 inch tree. Nothing like the plastic animals....



By the way, I'm told by a reliable source that the paleontologist and dinosaur expert down the hall was very, very excited by the display. He even brought his daughter in to see it.

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