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17 January 2008



Uh, no. I ate cactus once. Does that count? ;)

-Just googled "nesselrode pie." Interesting.

(And I've realized now that even if I use my real email address, I don't get notified if you respond to a comment. Bummer :P )


Of course I have. It's made by a nobody pie maker in Brooklyn, who only wears pink and might, just might, have a hot, hot booty.

Oh, wait, that's just me being snarky.


It is interesing isn't it? There is no cactus in nesselrode pie.


Yes I know that. It's just another food that sounded odd to me :)

Until I looked it up, I thought "nesselrode" was some kind of plant!


After this post I came across Coupe Nesselrode in an Agatha Christie novel (The Pale Horse). I think that is called the synchronicity priciple?


what a beautiful shot!


The nesselrode dessert (first pudding then pie) was named after a Count Nesselrode. I didn't know that Agatha Christie mentioned it.


Nesselrode pie is a cream pie with candied fruit in it, I believe. When I worked in a shop in downtown Manhatten (across from the WTC) in the 80's we sold it - usually around the holidays. Ours pastries came from a bakery that also sold to Macy's basement.


Yes! Do you remember if the pie had chestnut in the cream filling?

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