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10 February 2008



I too discovered the stairway by accident... sort of. One of my hobbies is traveling around the country visiting major and minor league ballparks. Part of that is also going to the location of team's previous stadiums, whether they're still there or not. I went up to the Polo Grounds to see if I could find where home plate used to be. While in the middle of the apartment complex I looked up and saw Coogan's Bluff, which I had read about in various baseball histories. So I trekked up there to check it out.

When I got up there I noticed an area where a few catering trucks were parked. The roach coach drivers were all sort of hanging out in a little park area. After I purchased a soda from one of the trucks I sat on a little bench and looked around. That's when I spotted the staircase.

The staircase is old and shabby, and seems to have gotten worse in the last couple of years (I've been back a number of times now). The last time I visited they had a chain-link fence put up at both ends to discourage people from climbing.

I am glad to hear the city is planning to restore the staircase and not destroy it.

fanny funny

a great story and a happy reminder that not everything in the history of NYC has been destroyed.

funny jones

The city needs to restore this staircase. It's a shame it took so many decades for the city to recognize the extent of the vandalism of the 50s and 60s -- ebbets gone! polo gone! penn station gone!

manny ringo

let's hope the city finds the money to rebuild this staircase. rebuilding the polo gds would be nice too.

Nathan P. Walters

Those are great stories. Chicago is a city where you can happen across some great stuff in the same way too... I used to take casual strolls in misty, ugly weather just to accidentally find things i wouldn't have found if it hadn't been raining...

One day I happened upon a garage at the end of an alley that had become a home to the old signage from the hay-day of 1950s State Street window shopping... Thats also how I happened across little 2 room museums like Chicago's Labor History Museum...

Finding something like those stairs is something that stays with you for a life-time...

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