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13 March 2008


judy Petrie



I've long thought that this was a birth defect rather than a broken wing.

This goose and its 4 (?) siblings were born in 2006, and when I first encountered them that summer, two of them had this problem. One, probably this one, was so bad that it couldn't even jump/flap out of the deep end of the pond and up onto the coping along the edge.

Last year the goose family was down to just 5, the parents and 3 kids, I think. (Maybe that's wrong, though, as you'd think the parents would have had another clutch of goslings.) The other one with a weird wing was one of the ones I don't remember seeing around.

The rest of the family disappeared over the winter, and I'm assuming the other geese who recently appeared are all new.


Ahh, interesting. Guess I should keep a closer eye on these guys.

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