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01 June 2008



This whole picking up and moving a house thing is so strange to me. Not so much if someone is still living in it, but for historical preservation it's a bit odd to me. I'd think part of the history is where it *really* started, not just the structure itself.

Hope the move goes well.

Marie C.

I was worried about how they would get it past that porch. Now I'm worried about how they're going to get it past all those obstacles onto the new foundation.


If the south side was last painted in the 1880's, the paint held well. And I can't believe they built the brick building SO CLOSE to that house! Kind of wrecked their view.


This isn't the original location of the house. It was originally located a block or two away, nobody is really sure. The house was given to St. Luke's and moved to the Convent Ave location in the 1880s. St. Luke's then built the church right next door. The house served various church purposes until it was sold to a historical society in the 1920s (30s?), so nobody has lived in it for more than a century. The lack of a view and the missing porches were a couple of prime reasons for the new move.

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