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29 June 2008



Well, ok. One rule is not capitalized and One Rule Is Capitalized. I wonder if One is more Important than the Other. Clearly they did choose the Right One to emphasize, in my opinion. The other rule is just bananas.


Out of context, this photo certainly is ridiculous. I walk by this building every day, and I'm certain that the reason for the sign is the large number of homeless people who hang out on the steps there. I'm always curious about the relationship of the owners of the building (or the proprietors of the rented space) and the people who hang out on the steps; compared to most private buildings in NYC, they seem to be surprisingly accepting of the homeless folks who hang out there.


Ok, I'll just say it...

If I didn't know it was raining that day (if this was taken Sunday), it would look to me like "feet" on the wall wasn't their biggest problem ;)


Nick, it doesn't surprise me that the sign is directed toward the homeless. It's the wording of the sign that really got me.

Yes, Melissa, what you see is rainwater.


Yeah I figured that! Lol! (And I read the sign as a run-on single sentence too!)

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