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25 September 2008



You know, we used to drive past that on my way up to Colgate. And I always wanted to stop, and we never did.


You could have put your geologist's hammer to good use!


Now this is quirky roadside america.


Looks like some vandalism going on there. Surely that's not natural decay.


Those aren't natural dinosaurs!

katherine kennedy

ok my grandparents own that place you obviously came during the renovation, the place is amazing and small little businesses like this is what keeps america culturally active and alive. shame to you for only putting pictures on the blog of the run-down dinosaurs :(


I can only report on what I experienced. I'm sure it is difficult to run a roadside tourist attraction after most of the traffic has disappeared to the interstate. I wish your grandparents well as they try to fix the place up. When I visited last summer, however it was falling apart and the admission fee was way overpriced for the entertainment offered.

Michael Petze

When I was a young boy in the 1970's my family use to visit the petrified creatures whenever we went up to upstate New York. It was one of my favorite places and I still have pictures from those visits. Hopefully this museum can stay up and running and I wish your grandparents good luck. Next summer when I go up there again I want to visit the place for old time's sake. Boy I loved those dinosaurs! Shame to see the pink triceratops in bad shape. He was my favorite!


the admission fee was not over priced at all, have you been to the movies lately? i live in southern florida and it cost a lot more then this museum. and do you honestly know how much it costs to run a museum like that? its expensive, the lighting, airconditing and heating, the electricity (for inside and the outdoor exhibits) and there non profit 5O1-C3 coorporation, give the place a break! i personally love this museum (and have loved it since i was a child) and go back every summer when i go up to visit family:) its quirky and cute and towards the end of this summer they had artists and construction workers trying to fix the place up.


Those aren't fiberglass, btw. They're wood, wire and concrete.


Any one that thinks this place is fun and exciting (and not grossly overpriced) really needs to have their head examined. If you want to pay $9 to see a decapitated dino-like sculpture and his handful of really runned down friends, along with fossils wired to boards, this is the place to go. Fossil digging? Yep, you can do it... Just remember to bring your jackhammer and a whole lot of patience! The layers you need to break into to find anything is burried under the rubble and don't expect to find a lot of beautiful fossil specimens... Not going to happen. My kid loves dinosaurs and was bored the second we stepped out the back door. It was a waste of time and money and it should be avoided.

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