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01 November 2008



Heh. She certainly was one scary creature in life. How many interments do they plan for in there? My guess, knowing her, is that all that space is meant solely for her and her husband. I both can and can't believe that she wanted it to face away from everyone else ... what a piece of work.

But that stained glass skyline really is nice.


what about her dog tho?


I don't know if Trouble, Helmsley's dog to whom she left $12 million, will join Harry and Leona in the mausoleum.

Richie B

I've been to the Cemetery and viewed her Masuleum, she had a very high opinion of herself. You can tell a very vain person had that entombment built. Mary Astor and other well to do person are buried not far away and none had the ego she had.


Actually Leona Helmsley was liked by many people who worked in her hotels. The media make her sound like a witch but she really isn't this is definitely the case in her later life anyway! She didn't give any money to her grandchildren for reasons which they knew about.

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