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09 December 2008



You got to see the Murphy all lit up! Lucky you. Love the transistor radio link.


Is there a S. South Street?

When I was a kid, I saved up money and ordered a Philco Ford transistor radio and I listened to Royals Baseball games. (But that woulda been a '60s transistor radio.)


Why didn't I go to the free movie?

Yes, South Street does extend south of Main St. The shady looking Manhattan Lounge was on S. South, photos to appear on Flickr someday.

We had a 1960s Sony transistor radio that we would take to the beach.


i am a nine year old and i recently moved from wilmingto i an super sad i have been in the murphy theater befor it is underground! it is so fun! i miss it there with all my friends i just moved a year ago ):


I didn't realize the theater was underground. That's very cool!

You hang in there, Ashlyn. Moving is hard. My family moved when I was eleven and it took a while to make new friends. But you will. Before you know it you'll have all sorts of friends and maybe even a nifty movie theater to hang out in.

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