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13 January 2009



Buckeyes *are* attractive, aren't we? :)

Seriously, these things are indeed a huge help. Especially when you're looking for something in particular that might otherwise fly under the radar. I've even seen a couple in cemeteries, too.


neat. I passed through Charm, OH once--not Utopia, but close.


Cool post!

I came here because your blog popped up on a Google alert. The link to all the Ohio historical markers is here:


I haven't found any Ohio ones, but there'll be a day when I do. ;)


Dane, I'm trying to think of something witty about buckeyes being hard and spiny on the outside yet a big nut inside but it's not coming to me. The new Ohio markers are much more informative than the typical New York marker.

Jeff, was Charm charming?

Linda, thanks for the historic marker link. I walk by the Croton Aqueduct gatehouse pictured on the Markeroni site every day.

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