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26 February 2009



how could you skip the model trains?!



Shameful, isn't it? I saw a few trains but I didn't see a track setup anywhere. Maybe it was elsewhere in the store.


This was my Dad's restaurant (Herman Ferguson). His parents opened here in Portsmouth in 1930. My Father and Mother (Ocie) continued the business after my grandparents died until 1995 when Dad was too ill to keep it open.
Dad had delicious plate lunches but his Fish Sandwich was the most popular along with my Mom's homemade Rhubarb Pie.
Mom passed away in December of 2004; Dad passed away in June of 2007.
Boone Coleman and his 'men' were regulars!!!


Wow, thanks for the Fergie's Lunch history! I could go for a slice of rhubarb pie right now.

Ellis D Cox

I visited my cousins Herman and his two sisters Georgia and Mary Louise back in 2004 or around that year when they were in a care center . I can recall visiting the Resturant "Ferges Place" in 1938 and several times through out my childhood.Herman always gave us a candy treat from the display case,and would fix us whatever we wanted to eat. My oldest brother Gene worked there a couple of summers just befor WWII started.After the death of my grandmother Georgia Eagle my grandfather William Eagle lived and worked there with Francis and Pearly untill his death age 96. We lived in Ironton Ohio, my mother Minerva Cox (Eagle)was a sister to Francis Ferguson. I visited the resturant and had a cup of coffee . I asked about the owner but the girl didn't know any thing about the past history of the place. I am 75 years old now. Ellis Cox

Judy Ferguson Smith

So Herman (my Dad), Aunt Georgia and Aunt Mary are your cousins? Did you know that Aunt Mary passed Jan. 1st of this year?
I remember Grandpa Eagle very well. He was a quiet man, seemed very tall and would take daily walks on 2nd street. He passed when I was about 9 years old.
Would like to hear more about the family history, Ellis.

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