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05 April 2009


Marie Carnes

Wow. I saw that movie.


Was it any good? I vaguely remember hearing about it.


Gallipolis is a freakishly interesting place, isn't it?


It just goes to show that if you dig deep enough, every place has a story to tell. Did you happen to see the conversation Dane and I were having about corrupt Portsmouth on Flickr? These old river towns have layers and layers of history, politics, ambitions etc. intersecting.


Your bathroom break was fortuitously timed, apparently. You would have missed this bit of history otherwise. Someday I may hit you up for the exact location of this.


Head north out of Gallipolis on Rt 7. The Kanauga Drive-In will be on your left. The rest stop is just a little further up the road on the right. I am seriously considering going to the Mothman festival in September.

Marie Carnes

Maybe I missed the point. I took it that while the town thought the Mothman was bad, it was actually a good entity. He didn't cause the bridge to collapse. Instead, he caused the Richard Gere character to save some people who went into the river in their cars. I wouldn't go out and rent the movie, but if it happened to be on TV and nothing else was on, I'd say to watch it. However, seeing this part of the bridge and hearing your story makes me like it better.

P.S. In a minor bout of dyslexia, every time you say Gallipolis, I think you're saying Galapagos.

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