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03 May 2009




Who orders a goddamned five-spiced pork belly sandwich from a new place? I'll tell you who: an ironic urban hipster Apple fanboy/chick with teeny little rectangular glasses, a "Where's Waldo?" hat and an ironic Marlboro belt buckle, that's who.

Christ almighty. Five-spiced pork belly goddamn sandwich. Who does that? Normal goddamn people would try a tuna on toasted sourdough or an egg-salad-and-sprout on Squaw before they'd order a goddamn five-spiced pork belly goddamn sandwich. Throw in a bag of salt & vinegar chips and a container of cole slaw and you've got yourself a goddamn lunch.

Five-spiced pork belly. God damn.


That's an awful lot of judgmental anger over a sandwich I had for lunch several months ago.


How exciting. That's 5 goddamms in 1 comment.


I think somebody was drunk.

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