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21 January 2010


mutuelle chomeur

what a doog memory have you done. so sad that its close


They are closed for 10 days to renovate the space. They should be open again at the end of the month.


Thanks for the info! I walked by yesterday and saw a sign in the window that they were going to reopen as a wine bar. I'm not entirely convinced it is going to happen but time will tell.


Eh. My problem with this (and many other) Harlem spots is that they are way overpriced for sub par service and food. If more places would open and just try to deliver consistently good food at reasonable prices for the area, they'd do just fine. Not to mention spur more business in the area.


They didn't close. Stop in to talk to the owners if you can. They will reopen very shortly and I think the new restaurant/wine bar concept will be awesome.


Is any work being done? I walked by on Saturday and in the morning and early evening this week and haven't seen any sign of work being done.

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