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11 May 2010



Chase Cherry Mash has beena favorite of mine since I was a child. Twin Bings came out later but do not hold a candle to the flavor of the Cherry Mash.

Paul Van Hoosier

Cherry Mash on Cherry Garcia Ice Cream.....diabetic overload


As soon as my system recovers from last night's Cherry Mash I shall give the Twin Bing a try. My arteries tell me to skip mixing either with Cherry Garcia.

kate petersen

ahhhh a cherry mash. LOVE THOSE THINGS. i've been eating them since i was little(almost 50 years+)and i have a ben franklin up the street. i eat the outside first, saving the cherry middle for last. YUM.


I love the name Cherry mash. And the yo-yo guy is so sad it's so funny. OMG how did he get on all those tv programs???


These look delicious.


From the two I've eaten I'd recommend just eating half at a time. Eating a whole candy was just not enjoyable by the time I finished.

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