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26 May 2010



Q st--that's where you served cat food for hors-devours!


The cat food was Jack's idea! Our prediction of who would eat it was accurate.


Do you have any more photos of the Shurtleff Arms interior? Nebraska writer Mari Sandoz lived there at one time.


Paul, unfortunately I don't have any other photos. I had no idea Mari Sandoz lived there!


I had two friends in the Shurtleff Arms and lived there briefly myself! My Murphy bed was gone, sadly. I totally loved the bathrooms. Pink tile with black and white accents, in perfect condition. And yet the hallway smelled of old milk and moths would get caught between security doors, the sinks "burped", and in the summer I had to choose between TV/computer use or the weak window AC. Having said that, I love the building - it just needed some climate-proofing and upgrades to the plumbing.

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