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26 July 2010



Seriously? And they seemed puzzled as to why one might expect an ice cream stand?

Pod people. No other explanation. I hope you torched the town on the way out to clear out the infestation.


I was tempted to sell the rental car and use the proceeds to open my own ice cream stand.


how depressing, no ice cream!


I guess people go to Casey's or Sonic...


Hi, I'm actually from Hiawatha. I can see how the fact that our main street is named Oregon may seem a little odd, but I've been in many cities where this is the case (ex. Pittsburg, KS: main street = Broadway). No, there is no ice cream stand, and our Dairy Queen closed around 2005 (almost all of the other Dairy Queens in the area have closed down as well, the closest ones are 35-40 minutes away), however if you were that desperate for ice cream there was still Sonic and McDonalds, or the Frosty Queen in Falls City, NE thirteen miles North. The Korthanke Fountain is located on Oregon St. in between the police department and the fire station, and if you really want to see why we have billed ourselves the City of the Beautiful Maples, come to us in October.

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