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17 March 2011



that looks gross. I like the building in the background.


420! Minus the whipped cream? Good lord. I'm not a fan of mint, myself, but a shake does sound pretty good right now.

Colleen Rogers

This was the exciting St. Patrick's Day I had with my girls this year. It was a beautiful day, and I wanted to go Downtown to the parade, but this was impossible with a 6 month old. So, Eleanor, Frances and I walked and got a Shamrock shake. Sort-of silly, and not very good, but Eleanor liked it. Glad you had one too.


You didn't go to Malley's? Surely they had a special St. Patrick's shake.

I could see someone Eleanor's age liking the Shamrock shake, if only for the colors.


Oh, you might find this story interesting.

colleen rogers

Yeah, Eleanor said it was "great". She ate all the whip cream, or sugar on top and said she was all stuffed up. Malley's would have been great, but too far too walk.


Eleanor is my kind of kid!

I fondly remember that time you took me to Malley's. So pink and it had that little rotating dining area!

colleen rogers

The carousel at Malley's is a favorite. Of course Eleanor had her 3rd birday party there. She loves Malley's so much that she had her 5th birthday at Malley's again. (Believe she chose Malley's over Chuck-e-Cheese) As she said, "I know other kids really like chuck-e-cheese, but, I am just not a fan." Malley's is a good place to get your Easter candy. ---happy easter.


Happy Easter (a few days late) to you too! Were you hiding eggs at 4:02 a.m.?

colleen rogers

i was and again working!!

colleen rogers

sorry, so tired, I meant to say that I was and am again working at 0400 in the morning.

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