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07 April 2011



Seattle would fit the bill!


Sounds good to me.


you haven't posted any pics of the daffodils that have started to bloom, the new five guys (which i am not a fan of. seriously just walk to shake shack), the newly-revised bookculture upstairs lounge area with wifi, greg ligon at the whitney, that kid that plays like 6 instruments at a time in the 103rd street subway on weekdays ( i wish i remembered his name/site), the amazing and inexpensive absolute bagels...nope sorry you do not get to leave just yet. please don not even joke about it. i like your posts too much to joke about leaving.


also did you hear about this event yet? http://pinterest.com/pin/12631680/


I saw that library thing but I've been too busy getting ready to leave to give it much consideration.

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