> Abandoned Bicycles of New York

New York has a lot of abandoned bicycles. I don't know why. Do people forget the combinations or keys to their locks? Do they forget they had a bike? Most of the bikes pictured here are pretty cheap bikes. Some of the bikes appear to have been abandoned long ago. Consider this ever-growing photo album a way to remember those forgotten bicycles. Click on a picture to see a larger photo. Bicycle and non-bicycle goodness can be found on the main blog, What About the Plastic Animals?

Wheel Snow
Over the Fishkill
Leaning on Thompson
Trashed in SoHo
Bleecker St. Breakdown
Hanging Out
Half a Bike
Cinderella or Cruella?
Look Ma, No Handlebars!
Squashed Columbia detail
Squashed Columbia
Not Crossing Delancy
Hit by Car
Lower East Side Separation
Cobra vs. Mongoose
More Orange Ribbons
96th St Subway
Randor Par Excellence
Master Locked but still Abandoned
Ribbons and Bows
Jr High Antics
Hang 'em High
Seat Chain
How monitors really work
Hulk Seat
Two seats, no owner
Basket and Wheel
Crosby St. Breakdown
SOBs in the Afternoon
Heavy Traffic = Crushed Bicycle
Sounds of Bicycles?  The Bike from Ipanema?
Going for a ride?
Bereft on Bedford
Discarded on St. Nick
Revisiting Old Friends
Stemming the Loss
Solo in SoHo
Bike with Coffee Pot
Single Bike, Unattached
Dust Settles on the Metro
Needs Alignment
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