> Christmas 2003

Nancy, Emma, Eliza and Adam in the candle lighting ritual
Sam, Zoe, Emma and Eliza enjoying a Christmas Eve dinner
Emma and Eliza barefoot in the snow
Making sure the chimney is ready for the big guy Christmas Eve
Dan, Zoe, Judy and Emma, Christmas morning.  Note that Santa drank his milk.
Zoe opening a present
Heidi, Dan, Dick at Heidi's Christmas seafood feast
Judy and Zoe at Heidi's
Zoe, Virgil, Olivia, Nicholas, Henry and Emma
...couldn't sit still
Judy and Richard
The three wise Disney characters?
Bear with an inner glow
We're going to the museum!
Emma on the way to the Concord Museum
Charlie Brown Christmas at Concord Museum
Valerie and Emma reading in Emma's new tent
Judy and Friend
Driving Home