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The word "parstier" is totally throwing me. I can't figure out what that is supposed to be. Any idea?

Where is Cains? Is that Cains Store, Kentucky? I'm sorry to have not followed Vincent's diary enough to know where he is.

The main clue is that he got "wet to the hide." Was it raining on Nov. 21 or Nov. 28? Hopefully not both. If we could determine which, some light could be shed on what was going on.

At first, I thought he had left Nov. 21 blank, and when he made his entry for Nov. 28, he inadvertently entered it on Nov. 21. Upon realizing his mistake, he crossed it out and entered what he recalled doing a week before.

This isn't goign to help at all, but I found the diary of an Iowa cavalryman. And, I should read the whole thing instead of just skimming it. But, this guy, after being held prisoner at Savannah, and paroled, indicates "raining all day" on Nov. 21 near the mouth of the Savannah River.

Now, Savannah is pretty far south. But, depending on how widespread that rain was, we must ask if Vincent was in the same storm. If he was, that invalidates my "mistake" theory. But, still leaves open the possibility of some other type of mistake.

Well, this is going to take more work. I'll get back to you if I come up with anything.


Perhaps he is talking of Cains Corners, NY which is near Hannibal, which is in Oswego County where Vincent lives.


Good suggestion about the rain! There may be weather records for Syracuse that would help assign the date.

Cains is the Mr. Cains mentioned a few months ago. It is a guess but I think Mr. Cains ran a boarding house in town.

Vincent is in Boylston, NY which is east of Lake Ontario between Watertown and Syracuse.


Thanks, Judy and Joe. I do recall Boylston, now that you mention it. That's pretty far from Savannah. Back to the drawing board.

Whatever happens, this is a fascinating project.


Could ' parstier' be 'pasture' ?


Yes! He spells pasture correctly on the 28th.

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