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I can't believe it's over! Thank you so much for transcribing this and sharing. I can't remember how I first got the link to this site, but I've enjoyed it very much all year. It was great to learn about Vincent's life in his lovely lyric tone (and creative spelling). I just wish we could have had more insight into his secrets and war experiences. Any chance you've got other family diaries lurking somewhere?


I can only second what Tricia has said -it has been a real delight to share Vincent's year with him - I shall miss his company.
Thank you for sharing it with us
Shirley [UK]


Thanks, Tricia and Shirley! You should try typing his creative spellings! It is going to be a challenge to correctly spell 'considerable'.

There is another family diary. Clara's mother, Ellen Halsey Presley, kept a diary in 1911. It is more terse and depressing than Vincent's, but gives some insight into the life of a farm wife in upstate New York.

Linda Brown

Thank You ever so much for this gift. I am also a descendant of John and Clara Delong's. I am a granddaughter of Anna E Delong Row. I ran across this and because it is 2009, I was able to read it all in one sitting. I couldn't stop. I look forward to Clara's diary. I don't know if you have finished it yet, but please let me know if you were able to post it online. Thanks again. Linda Row Brown


I need to make a couple of these (for a production of Annie). Is there any chance of a scan / pic of the other side? (or a description?)

If you could - a scanned copy would be nice - happy to change the details...

nathan youknowwhat lx1 dot co dot nz


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